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Mike Moynihan

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Mike is a retired teacher and an avid hunter and naturalist who puts his experience in the great outdoors to good use when capturing his beautiful nature shots. Mike excels at Birds In Flight, but also has an eye for all types of photography. Always friendly and helpful, it’s a pleasure to have Mike in The Club.

MikeMoynahan-open1-20121023__23 PiF

MikeMoynahan-Things with Wings1-20121127__24 PiF

MikeMoynahan-Wings2__25 web

MikeM-Portrait Plus (C)-2011 04 26__21 PiF


Paul Schmoldt

Paul Schmoldt

Emigrating from Denmark in 1971, our Past President is fluent in four languages and is known throughout The CCC for his quick wit and zany sense of humor. As Competition Manager, Paul has taken on the considerable task of organizing the judging of our Club and CAPA photo competition entries. He has also assembled several outstanding slide shows of Camera Club outings and year-end summaries. At the end of his tenure as CCC President, he was named an Honourary Lifetime Member. An accomplished photographer, Paul is always generous with his time and knowledge of photo techniques and software.

Paul Schmoldt - Open

Paul Schmoldt - One

Paul Schmoldt - Junk

Paul Schmoldt Backlighting

Paul Schmoldt - Backlighting


Pat Beaton

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Pat was instrumental in setting up our 2012 Walk-About at Maple Leaf Cemetery. Her ability to find interesting subjects and her keen eye for composition and colour have enabled her to improve greatly as a photographer since joining The Club.

PatB-things with wings2-11272012__20 PiF

Pat Beaton Purple-1 2012-03-15_20 PiF

PatBeaton-open1-20121023__21 PiF


Andy Stockdill

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Andy is an enthusiastic member of our club who is always willing to share his knowledge and experience. He participates in our photo competitions and walk-abouts and enjoys taking candid shots of other members. Andy also excels in nature and scenic photography.

AndyS-CAPA O-Sunset-2012-09-18__21 PiF

AndyS-Things With Wings21 12-10-23__19 PiF

AndyStockdill -Nature1 FLEDGLING OWL 2010-10-26 _19 PiF

AndyS-Purple2-2012 01 24 jpg__18 Website


Sherrie Strain

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Sherrie is a former professional photographer who specialized in school photos, sports and weddings. Her main interest has been portraits, but she has recently become interested in Nature photography as well. A member of the Chatham Camera Club for the past two seasons, Sherrie has also started to participate in Club Competitions, achieving several high marks.

Things With Wings.

SherrieStrain-open1-2012-10-23__19 PiF

SherrieStrain-open2-2012-10-23__20 PiF


Chuck Torrey

Chuck Torry - thumbnail

Chuck works in the aviation industry as a course developer and an Industrial Photographer. He is a frequent contributor to the CCC’s photo competitions and has built his own 1200 mm lens. His photographic interests include Nature, Scenic and of course Aviation photos.


ChuckT-CAPA O-Hook Approach-2012 09 18__20



ChuckT-CAPA-O-PrettyPinkQuad-2011-09-27__19 PiF


ChuckT-One-1-2012-11-27__22 PiF


Joyce Reynolds

Joyce Reynolds

As a long-time member of The Club, Joyce is an eager participant in CCC competitions who excels at nature and scenic photography.

JoyceR - CCC - Nature 1 - 210 10 25 _20 PiF

Joyce R - CAPA N - No Frogs Today - 2010 10 12 _16 PiF

Joyce R - CAPA O - Lillies - 2010 10 12 _16 PiF


Bill Godfrey


After re-acquiring his interest in taking pictures after a 30 year hiatus, Bill has quickly learned to apply his earlier knowledge to digital. Specializing in Landscape and Nature, he has become a master of Black and White and has put together an amazing portfolio.



BillG_CAPA_N_Heron-Fight-2012-03-15_20 PiF

BillG-Purple1-2012-01-24__18 PiF


Diane Schives

Diane Schives - thumbnail

Dividing her time between her family, her dogs and being a substitute school teacher, Diane is also a keen student of photography. She puts her vivid imagination and excellent composition skills to good use when capturing her beautiful nature photos.

Diane Schives Purple 2 2012-03-15_19 PiF

Diane S.-Landscape1-2012 04 24__17 PiF

Diane S.-Landscape2 2012 04 24__17 PiF


Noel Courtice

Noel Courtice - thumbnail

Since joining the CCC, Noel has been an enthusiastic contributor to our competitions, especially CAPA. Now retired from his career as a pharmacist, Noel seized the opportunity to take an African Safari a couple of years ago and returned with many once-in-a-lifetime pictures. The beautiful garden at his home also provides him with excellent photo opportunities.

NoelCourtice CAPA AR country drive 2011 01 11 _18 PiF

noelc texture2 pelican 20110222 __17 PiF

NoelC-CAPA O -Zulu Land-2012 09 18__19 PiF


Angel Rublik

Angel - thumbnail

Traveling to our meetings from La Salle, Angel is an enthusiastic shooter who enjoys all types of photography. Always anxious to learn, she makes excellent use of her artistic ability and has made great strides in her knowledge in the short time that she has been with The Chatham Camera Club.

AngelR-ThingswithWings2-2012 10 23__20 PiF

AngelR-Doorways1-2012 03 27_18 PiF

AngelR-Landscapes2 2012 04 10__18 PiF


Jim Pollock

Jim Pollock

Taking up digital photography as a hobby in 2000, Jim enjoys photographing birds as well as landscapes and taking portraits of his grandchildren and his lovely wife Jill. Winning first place in the Club’s year long competition in the Advanced Division is among many of his accomplishments. Jim is also a CAPA trained judge (Canadian Association for Photographic Art) and as such, is quite often asked to evaluate entries in our competitions. He is currently our Web Co-ordinator and has been Vice President of the Chatham Camera Club in the past. Jim enjoys going out shooting with “The Viewfinders” (nicknamed “Flash”) and being an avid proponent of “Get Out Of The Green Box”, we can always count on Jim to advise other Camera Club members, be it on photo equipment or camera settings.






Chris Jorgensen

As an Executive Assistant, Chris is always willing to tackle any assignment in order to help The Club, including organizing our annual elections. Voted as The CCC’s Most Improved Photographer in 2011, he has shown that he is capable of producing much more than just the beautiful rodeo shots that he excels at.


Mike Blazek

One of The Club’s most talented photographers, Mike is not only an expert on the subject of portraits, but is accomplished in all types of photography. Always willing to share is wealth of accumulated knowledge, he is often called upon to demonstrate his techniques to our membership and has provided us with several valuable tutorials.


Melanie Denis

Her infectious smile and upbeat attitude have made Melanie many friends in The Chatham Camera Club. Since joining us in the Fall of 2011, she has made great strides in her photographic abilities and has shown an exceptional gift for composition. Melanie is a regular participant in Club and CAPA competitions, where she consistently attains high scores.