Photo In Focus

Carson Plant


One of the longest serving members of The CCC, Carson Plant first joined The Club in 1955. After an extended break starting in the early ’60s, he re-joined in the mid-’90s after retiring from the School Board. Over the years, Carson has served as Club President and is now Treasurer, keeping track of our finances. Taking up photography in his early teens, he later worked at Muriel’s Camera Store and was a wedding photographer under the late Bill Dolamore. Highly skilled in a variety of post-processing software, Carson has continually turned out some of the finest work in The Club, winning the inaugural season of the Salon Division in 2015. Always willing to help others by sharing his extensive knowledge of photography, Carson’s work is highly regarded and his friendship is cherished by other members. Have a look at a brief sample of his exceptional photos.

Carson - 1

Carson - 2

Carson - 6

Carson - 3

Carson - 4

Carson - 5


Mary Craig


During her spare time away from her busy work schedule at the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance, Mary finds photographic motivation by going out to shoot self-appointed themes. Two of her favourite subjects are flowers and her grandchildren. Scrapbooking and making greeting cards provide an additional outlet for her creativity. Since joining the Chatham Camera Club, Mary has shown steady improvement in her composition skills and has been very active in The Club’s competitions. With her retirement on the horizon, Mary says photography is a “fun hobby” that will help fill the days. Here is just a small sample of her interesting work.

Mary Craig - 3

Mary Craig - 4

Mary Craig - 2

Mary Craig - 1

Mary Craig - 5


Doug Cooper


An accomplished wood carver, Doug has transformed his love of the outdoors into a passion for Nature photography. Since retiring from his family owned petroleum business, his grandchildren and traveling have provided many great photo opportunities. Always eager to learn, Doug has become a regular contributor to The Club’s photo contests. Have a look at a small sample of his outstanding work.

Doug Cooper-6

Doug Cooper-1

Doug Cooper-3

Doug Cooper-4

Doug Cooper-5

Doug Cooper-2


Janet Fraser


Janet first took up photography to advance her interest in painting. Now in her seventh year with The Club, she has developed an interest in photographing landscapes, nature and people. She is retired after owning the electronics store APW for 31 years and keeps busy in both the Muskoka and Sydenham Field Naturalists clubs as well as the Chatham-Kent Amateur Radio Club.


janetF peopleoutdoors4 20150224

janetF-wheels3- 2015 01 16




Dave Stewart

Dave Stewart

Since taking up photography in the Spring of 2013, Dave’s natural artistic skills and his vivid imagination have enabled him to capture images from unique and interesting perspectives. The back yard of his rural home is filled with beautiful gardens that provide many opportunities for Nature and Wildlife photos. A businessman and painter by trade, Dave and his wife Joyce own and operate The Healthy Habit, which offers nutritional supplements and natural products.


DaveSt-CAPA-H-turbo thaw-2014-01-28__22__20

DaveSt-CAPA-N-Resting Ruby-2014-02-25_F__20

DaveSt-CAPA-N-Snail's Pace-2013-10-22__21



Helen Heath


Helen is the “unofficial photographer” for the Chatham Maroons Junior B Hockey Club, where shooting is a challenge due to the safety netting and well-worn glass around the Memorial Arena. She also enjoys taking candid shots and street photography. Most of her time is taken up by her full-time position with the Chatham-Kent United Way and a busy family life. Although she claims to be “still finding her stride”, Helen continually turns out quality photos.

HelenH - Mov1 - 2013 04 23__19

HelenH - Mov2 -2013 04 23__20

HelenH-Open1-2014 02 11__19

HelenH-Open2-2014 02 11__20


Dave Paddick

Dave Paddick

When it comes to weather and storm photography, Dave Paddick has set the standard for other CCC members to aspire to. Through practice and patience, Dave has developed his techniques using specialized equipment to track storm formations and movements and has achieved stunning results. He can often be found at local events, offering his beautiful pictures for sale.

DaveP- CAPA-O-Lighting Up The Marina-2013-10-22__23__23

DaveP-Night1 2013-10-22.__22

DaveP-Night2- 2013-10-22__23


electricity and water do mix-web-g


Barb Ferren

Barb Ferren

A regular contributor to The Club’s competitions, Barb’s favourite subjects are her children and grand-children. Along with nature, sports and scenic shots, she has also shown a gift for capturing unique abstracts, several of which are simply outstanding. In her spare time, Barb also fits volleyball into her busy schedule.






Keith Blackwell


Coming to us from Strathroy, Keith is one of the most innovative and artistically gifted photographers in The Club. For the past two years he has helped put together our Technical Challenges that have covered a variety of topics that have given us all a chance to become more skilled and knowledgeable in the art of photography. Keith’s top quality images have set a standard that we can all aim to achieve. When not behind a camera he also enjoys sailing and ballroom dancing.

KeithB-CAPA-AR-Boxes-2014 01 14__23__20






Jean McCracken


Jean is an Honourary Lifetime Member of the Chatham Camera Club. Although not as active a shooter as she once was, Jean remains a skilled photographer who enjoys giving her husband, Les, advice on image composition and subject matter. Always warm and friendly, she is looked up to by many as a mainstay of our organization.

JMcC 13 16-18-44

JMcC 15

JMcC 22 16-18-51

JMcC 27 16-18-39

JMcC 28


Collin Cooper

Although his job in Niagara Falls has kept him from attending all but a few CCC meetings, Collin is a regular contributor to CAPA and CCC competitions. His main photographic interests are Nature and anything outdoors. His vivid imagination and eye for the unusual helped him finish 3rd in the CCC’s Intermediate Division in 2014 and as his experience mounts, he is sure to continue to advance.

CollinC-CAPA-N-Darkness inside-2013-02-26__21

CollinC-Rep2 - Mar 26-2013__20

CollinC-Rep1 - Mar 26th 2013__20

CollinC Food2-2014-02-11__18


Reagan Smolders


Combining enthusiasm with technical skill and artistic ability has enabled Reagan to become an accomplished photographer in a relatively short period of time. Her interests include Nature, Scenic and Outdoor Portraits. A frequent contributor to Club competitions, she has chosen to compete in the Novice group, although her work indicates that she is far beyond the “beginner” stage.

ReaganS-CAPA O -The Stare-20130226__18


ReaganS-Open2-2012 10 23__19


ReaganS-CAPA AR-2014-01-14__17


Chad Barry

Chad Barry

Although his intense interest in photography is comparatively recent, Chad has vigorously pursued both the imaging and post-processing aspects, and has invested significant time (and funds) in order to reach higher and higher standards. An experienced workshop provider and instructor in the self-defence art of Bojuka, Chad is always willing to share his increasing knowledge of image creation with members of The Club. We look forward to watching his continuing growth in photography and wish him all the best, wherever life takes him.


ChadB-Movement1-2013 04 23__21

ChadB-Panorama2-2013 02 26__21



Shannon L’Ecuyer

Shannon L’Ecuyer

A relative novice to photography who juggles a busy family life, Shannon is eager to learn all she can about her hobby. Her knack of choosing interesting perspectives serves her well when shooting her favourite subjects; Nature, Scenic and her children. As a frequent contributor to Club competitions, Shannon is considered “a rising star” by her peers as she continues to gain knowledge and improve her technique.


ShannonL-One2-2013 01 08__19


ShannonL-Rep2 2013 03 26__21


Clarke Warner


Clarke first joined the Chatham Camera Club in 1979. Back in those film days, he often experimented with various table-top set-ups and cutting edge shooting methods. After ten years, he took an extended break, but re-joined The CCC in 2007. His easy-going manner and willingness to help others has earned him many friends. The proud owner of one of Canon’s finest lenses, Clarke excels at Nature and Scenic photography and says he enjoys shooting “Everything but weddings.”

Misty Lake



Two Birds

Tall Falls



Wendy Beasly

Wendy Beasly

An ordained minister since 1981, Wendy and her husband Bob have served in that capacity across Canada and around the world. Wendy first picked up a camera to keep a photo record of her family, with her favourite subjects being Children and Nature. She also contributes photos for use on the St. Clair Community Church’s website as well as Bible League Canada, who have used her pictures in their promotional material.