January 23 2018



Facing yet another night of poor driving conditions, 55 members and 2 guests attended our meeting.

• President Carson Plant introduced our own Mike Blazek, who spoke to us about How To Rack The Lens. Mike began his presentation by showing a collection of images that he made using zooming techniques, an area of photography that he excels in. He then went on to explain some of the different methods he uses.

Zoom Effect – where you use a long exposure while manually zooming the lens.
Zoom And Rotate – a method that involves rotating the camera while manually zooming the lens.
Vertigo Effect – a technique where you physically move closer or further away from your subject while zooming the lens in or out.

For more information, check out Joe McNally’s YouTube video on

Zooming During Exposure

Or get a similar effect by using
Radial Blur in Photoshop

• Jeff McDonald was featured in our What I Shoot segment where he showed a slideshow of some of his favourite images taken in 2017. Jeff’s collection of landscape, portrait, scenic, macro and nature shots were both entertaining and inspiring. Many thanks, Jeff, for a job well done!

• Scores from our third CCC Photo Competition of this season were announced, with the Novice group displaying their My Canada entries. They were led by Catherine Dawson (23.5 pts), Jana Smith (22.5 pts) and Wendy McDonald (22.5 pts). The Intermediate, Advanced and Salon members, entering Rack The Lens pictures, saw Keith Blackwell (23 pts), Paul Schmoldt (22.5pts) and John St. Pierre achieving top marks. You can see the top scoring pics on our Club Photos page.

• Carson Plant reviewed some of the two dozen prints brought in for display, and thanked the membership for their efforts. It was great to see so many participate. Our next print display will be held on February 27th and we’d love to see a couple of yours.

• Keith Blackwell showed us a print that he had made by a Canadian company called Canvas ‘n’ Décor, who specialize in high quality canvas prints. Thanks for sharing this resource, Keith. Many of our members were very interested.

• The Club held a Buy/Sell event where several pieces of photo equipment changed hands. If you’re still looking to gain or divest yourself of some gear, check out our Buy/Sell page.

• Our next meeting is slated for February 13th when Dave Noordhoff will present Using The Exposure Triangle To Shoot In Manual Mode. Not just for newer shooters, this in-depth tutorial will also be of interest to the more experienced photographers.


Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see, and everything to do with the way you see them.


Ansel Adams’ Biggest Secret for Stunning Photography.