November 14 2017

Our November 14th meeting was attended by 56 members and 1 guest.

• After welcoming those assembled, President Carson Plant introduced our guest speaker, 11 Star Master Photographer Juraj Dolanski.

Starting off with an audio/visual show called Frozen Art, Juraj showed us how to create fascinating works of art by photographing frost on a pane of glass. He then went on to demonstrate how he uses close-up filters, reversing lenses, bellows and macro lenses to capture his excellent images. His hands-on demonstrations gave us a brief introduction into the world of Macro photography and taught us some new methods to try out during the long, cold winter. The Chatham Camera Club wishes to thank Mr. Dolanski for sharing his time and talent and for making the journey from Hamilton to Chatham. For a review of Juraj’s program, see his Holy Macro Summary.

For more, check out Tony Northrup’s YouTube video on
Macro and Close-up photography

• Our next meeting will be held on November 28th when two of The Club’s most accomplished photographers will be featured. John St. Pierre will present a tutorial on Infrared Photography and David Barr’s photographs will be highlighted in our What I Shoot segment.

• We invite all of our members to bring in a print of any size, any subject, to be viewed before the meeting begins and during the break. C’mon, we know you have a photo you’d just love to show us. Now is your chance.


To consult the rules of composition before making a picture
is a little like consulting the law of gravity before going for a walk.


For better Macro photos, have a look at this article on
Maximizing Depth of Field Without Diffraction

October 24 2017



Our October 24th meeting brought out 62 members and 2 guests.

• President Carson Plant reminded everyone that the proper e-mail address to use when submitting CCC competition photos is (There’s an extra “s” at the end of Gavin’s name.)

• Carson announced that the auditor’s report from Dave Noordhoff found that our financial statement, as provided by Treasurer Reagan Smolders, is correct.

• Carson Plant introduced our Guest Speaker, Adam Harpula who presented his tutorial on Posing And Lighting. Adam gave us some tips on how to get our subjects to relax in front of the camera, general posing techniques, as well as off camera lighting, both with flash and continuous lights. Great job, Adam! We all learned something valuable tonight.

For more on posing people, check out this YouTube video.

• Mary Craig was front and center in our What I Shoot segment, which featured her excellent nature, still life, architecture, scenic, floral and people photographs. Thanks Mary! We enjoyed your show.

• The results from our first CCC Photo Competition were revealed, with Julie Faas, (22.5 pts), Jana Smith (two scores of 22 pts), and Bill Henry (22 pts) leading the way in the Novice Division, while Steven Taylor (24 pts), Tere Deslippe (24 pts) and Martha Gillier (24 pts) had the top scores in the Intermediate, Advanced and Salon groups. You can see the top scoring shots of the night on our Club Photos page.

• A nice variety of prints were on hand for all to view and admire. Your participation is much appreciated and we encourage everyone to take part. The next print display will be on November 28th.

• Several new items have been added to our Buy/Sell page. Check out some of the bargains offered on good, used equipment available from your fellow Club members.

• Our next meeting will be held on November 14th when our Guest Speaker will be Master Photographer Juraj Dolanjski who will give us an insight into Macro Photography.


The size of the watermark-signature on a picture is usually
inversely proportional to the talent of the photographer.


Check out this article on
How To Pose People For Group Portraits



October 10 2017



Our October 10th meeting brought out 54 members and 2 guests.

• After his opening remarks, President Carson Plant introduced our Guest Speaker, award winning competitive photographer Norm Ullock who gave a presentation called Composition from Shot to Art. Norm pointed out that as a photographer you are at the mercy of the real world and you must develop skills to solve the visual puzzle presented to you when shooting by aligning visual elements in a pleasing way. In his slide show, Norm showed us tools to develop our skills to take control of creating good compositions. The members of the Chatham Camera Club wish to thank Norm and his wife Helene for making the trip from Oshawa to Chatham. We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation.

During his talk, Norm referred to book by world class photographer
Ian Plant called, Visual Flow: Mastering The Art Of Composition.
For a YouTube version of Ian’s guide, check out this video.

• Kellie Watson shared her vacation memories from Colorado and a cruise up the Rhone River in France. Thanks Kellie. You did a great job.

• Carson Plant showed us the photos he took at this year’s London Air Show that featured shots of WW II vintage aircraft, modern jet fighters and of course The Snowbirds. As always, he nailed them all.

• Competition Manager Gavin Stuart reminded us that the deadline for submitting photos for our first competition of the year is midnight, Sunday, October 15th. E-mail your pictures to

• Our next meeting will be held on October 24th when Guest Speaker Adam Harpula will present his tutorial on Posing And Lighting. We also invite everyone to bring in one of your favorite prints for display and discussion. Don’t be shy. We’d love to see your work.


You rarely see successful photographers complaining about what others are doing.
Instead, they are forging their own paths.


Whether we want to admit them or not, here are
Five Uncomfortable Truths About Photography



September 26 2017

Our first meeting of the 2017 – 2018 season brought out 50 members and 3 guests.

• President Carson Plant determined that the auditor’s report of the Club’s finances will be available in October.

• Vice-President Tere Deslippe introduced the Club executive:
– Carson Plant – President
– Gavin Stuart – Vice-President and Competition Manager
– Tere Deslippe – Vice-President
– Reagan Smolders – Treasurer
– Barb Ferran – Secretary
– Catherine Dawson – Welcoming Manager

• Jim Pollock gave a presentation that reminded the membership that the Club’s monthly photo competitions had something in common with the TV show Who’s Line Is It Anyway?. We learn by taking on new assignments and “The points don’t matter.”

• Competition Manager Gavin Stuart reminded us how to submit our competition photos to him. The schedule can be found on our Meeting Schedule page and the instructions for sizing our pics can be found on the Instructions for Submitting Photos for Competitions page that is linked from our Home Page.

• Tere Deslippe told those in attendance that once again this year the Chatham Camera Club is sponsoring two photo magazines that are available at the Chatham Public Library, Digital Photo Pro and Outdoor Photographer. To read either of these publications on-line you can apply for a virtual library card at the Chatham-Kent Public Library web site.

• Tere also presented an excellent slide show of photos taken from The Club’s summer walk-abouts that featured member’s images from gatherings at R&M’s Cars And Coffee, model shoots at LeClairs Grey Stone Cottage and Maple Leaf Cemetery in Chatham. Thanks for the memories Tere!

• Carson reviewed the lineup of guest speakers that are slated to appear this season, noting that we have some excellent pro photographers scheduled to speak on a variety of interesting topics.

• Kellie Watson shared her vacation memories from Colorado and a cruise up the Rhone River in France. Some technical difficulties hindered the slide show and therefore we will try it again when the bugs are ironed out.

• Carson reviewed some of the twenty prints that were brought in for display. Many thanks to those who participated. We’re looking forward to the next opportunity on October 24th.


Don’t turn to luck to get the photographs you want, or to explain the amazing photographs you see around you. Great photography happens when a photographer is prepared, patient, inspired, and hard-working.


To improve your composition skills, have a look at this
Introduction To The Rule Of Thirds

2017 – 2018 Season

We are gearing up for our new season and would like to invite all of those who are interested in photography to check us out. This year we will continue to learn from pro photographers, guest speakers, experienced Club members, workshops and photo assignments. Membership is $40 for the year, but you may attend two meetings free of charge to see if we’re a good fit. We meet at Evangel Community Church, 76 Sandys St. Chatham (back door), at 7:00pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. All 90 of last year’s members would love to meet you! See the Meeting Schedule page for more info.