November 28 2017

Our November 28th meeting brought out 57 members and 1 guest.

• John St. Pierre presented a tutorial on Infrared Photography. Starting off with examples from the internet, John explained that these types of photos can be achieved by putting infrared filters on your existing lenses, using Photoshop or Elements to simulate the effect, or having an old camera converted to shoot infrared only. To have a conversion done, John directed us to the website He capped off his presentation by showing his own infrared photos which are bound to inspire some of us to try this unique and fascinating area of photography. Thanks John! We really enjoyed your demonstration.

For more information, check out these YouTube videos on
The Easy Guide To Infrared Photography.

How To Fake Infrared In Photoshop

• David Barr’s work was highlighted in What I Shoot, where he showed us his excellent collection of macro and nature photos that featured insects, small animals and birds of every description. Well done David. Your work is first class!

• Scores from our second CCC Photo Competition of this season were announced, with Catherine Dawson (23.5 pts), Bill Henry (23 pts), Margaret DeClerk (23 pts) and Julie Fass (23 pts) receiving top marks in the Novice Division for Things That Are Round, while Keith Blackwell (25 pts), Jim Pollock (25 pts), Linda Pepper (24 pts), Gavin Stuart (23 pts) and John St. Pierre (23 pts) had the highest scores in the Salon, Advanced and Intermediate groups who competed in the My Canada category. You can review the top scoring shots on our Club Photos page.

• Thanks to all of those who brought in a print for the rest of us to admire and discuss. The talent and diversified interests of our Club members never fails to impress. Our next print display will be held next January 23rd.

• Our next meeting will be held on December 12th when Mike Blazek and Carson Plant will show us how to Rack The Lens in preparation for our Zoom Burst competition. We will also be having a Buy/Sell event where members can offer their surplus camera gear for sale. If there’s some photo equipment you no longer need, now is the time to let the rest of us know about it.


If a great image relies on Photoshop,
maybe it wasn’t all that great to begin with.


As the temperature drops, it’s a good time to review
How to Take Care of Your Camera in Cold Weather