October 24 2017



Our October 24th meeting brought out 62 members and 2 guests.

• President Carson Plant reminded everyone that the proper e-mail address to use when submitting CCC competition photos is gcstuarts@yahoo.ca (There’s an extra “s” at the end of Gavin’s name.)

• Carson announced that the auditor’s report from Dave Noordhoff found that our financial statement, as provided by Treasurer Reagan Smolders, is correct.

• Carson Plant introduced our Guest Speaker, Adam Harpula who presented his tutorial on Posing And Lighting. Adam gave us some tips on how to get our subjects to relax in front of the camera, general posing techniques, as well as off camera lighting, both with flash and continuous lights. Great job, Adam! We all learned something valuable tonight.

For more on posing people, check out this YouTube video.

• Mary Craig was front and center in our What I Shoot segment, which featured her excellent nature, still life, architecture, scenic, floral and people photographs. Thanks Mary! We enjoyed your show.

• The results from our first CCC Photo Competition were revealed, with Julie Faas, (22.5 pts), Jana Smith (two scores of 22 pts), and Bill Henry (22 pts) leading the way in the Novice Division, while Steven Taylor (24 pts), Tere Deslippe (24 pts) and Martha Gillier (24 pts) had the top scores in the Intermediate, Advanced and Salon groups. You can see the top scoring shots of the night on our Club Photos page.

• A nice variety of prints were on hand for all to view and admire. Your participation is much appreciated and we encourage everyone to take part. The next print display will be on November 28th.

• Several new items have been added to our Buy/Sell page. Check out some of the bargains offered on good, used equipment available from your fellow Club members.

• Our next meeting will be held on November 14th when our Guest Speaker will be Master Photographer Juraj Dolanjski who will give us an insight into Macro Photography.


The size of the watermark-signature on a picture is usually
inversely proportional to the talent of the photographer.


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How To Pose People For Group Portraits