September 26 2017

Our first meeting of the 2017 – 2018 season brought out 50 members and 3 guests.

• President Carson Plant determined that the auditor’s report of the Club’s finances will be available in October.

• Vice-President Tere Deslippe introduced the Club executive:
– Carson Plant – President
– Gavin Stuart – Vice-President and Competition Manager
– Tere Deslippe – Vice-President
– Reagan Smolders – Treasurer
– Barb Ferran – Secretary
– Catherine Dawson – Welcoming Manager

• Jim Pollock gave a presentation that reminded the membership that the Club’s monthly photo competitions had something in common with the TV show Who’s Line Is It Anyway?. We learn by taking on new assignments and “The points don’t matter.”

• Competition Manager Gavin Stuart reminded us how to submit our competition photos to him. The schedule can be found on our Meeting Schedule page and the instructions for sizing our pics can be found on the Instructions for Submitting Photos for Competitions page that is linked from our Home Page.

• Tere Deslippe told those in attendance that once again this year the Chatham Camera Club is sponsoring two photo magazines that are available at the Chatham Public Library, Digital Photo Pro and Outdoor Photographer. To read either of these publications on-line you can apply for a virtual library card at the Chatham-Kent Public Library web site.

• Tere also presented an excellent slide show of photos taken from The Club’s summer walk-abouts that featured member’s images from gatherings at R&M’s Cars And Coffee, model shoots at LeClairs Grey Stone Cottage and Maple Leaf Cemetery in Chatham. Thanks for the memories Tere!

• Carson reviewed the lineup of guest speakers that are slated to appear this season, noting that we have some excellent pro photographers scheduled to speak on a variety of interesting topics.

• Kellie Watson shared her vacation memories from Colorado and a cruise up the Rhone River in France. Some technical difficulties hindered the slide show and therefore we will try it again when the bugs are ironed out.

• Carson reviewed some of the twenty prints that were brought in for display. Many thanks to those who participated. We’re looking forward to the next opportunity on October 24th.


Don’t turn to luck to get the photographs you want, or to explain the amazing photographs you see around you. Great photography happens when a photographer is prepared, patient, inspired, and hard-working.


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