May 9 2017

Our final meeting of the season was attended by 63 members and 1 guest.

• Club President Carson Plant reminded us of several photo-ops that will be available this summer, including RM Auto Restoration’s Cars and Coffee, The Fleetwood Country Cruise-In, The Windsor Camera Club’s model shoot, Seven Ponds in Michigan and our own model shoot. We’ll list these and more on our Meeting Schedule page.

• Carson also appealed to Club members to step into some vacant roles, including Assistant Competition Manager, Welcoming Manager, and Alternate Web Co-Ordinator.

• Tere Deslippe presented a slideshow that featured photos taken by Club members at a recent outing to McLean’s Auto Wreckers and Hilton Conservation Area. Great job Tere! The show was awesome.

• The results from this season’s Chatham Camera Club Photo Competition were announced with the following results.

Honourable Mentions (for scores of 23 or better)

Carson Plant – 1
Mike Blazek – 1
Catharine Dawson – 1
Larry Kearns – 1
Margaret DeClerk – 1
Wendy McDonald – 1
Martha Gillier – 2
Jeff McDonald – 2
Harry Arneill – 2
Pat Beaton – 2
Reagan Smolders – 2
Jana Smith – 3

Novice Division
3rd place – Mary Craig (1 Honourable Mention)
2nd place – Bill Henry (1 Honourable Mention)
1st place – Ric Aarssen (2 Honourable Mentions)

Intermediate Division
2nd place – tie – Kellie Watson (1 Honourable Mention)
2nd place – tie – Butch Dompierre (1 Honourable Mention)
1st place – David Barr (3 Honourable Mentions)

Advanced Division
3rd place – Tere Deslippe (2 Honourable Mentions)
2nd place – Linda Pepper (5 Honourable Mentions)
1st place – John St. Pierre (3 Honourable Mentions)

Salon Council
3rd place – Dave Noordhoff (6 Honourable Mentions)
2nd place – Keith Blackwell (3 Honourable Mentions)
1st place – Jim Pollock (7 Honourable Mentions)

Most Improved Photographer (according to last year’s vs this year’s scores)
Margaret DeClerk

Best Photo Of The Year
Gavin Stuart – (Trees)

Thanks to all who participated in the photo competitions this year. We hope it was a valuable learning experience and one which helped you grow as a photographer.

Pictures of the Awards Presentations and the Top Scoring Shots from our April 25th meeting are now available on our Club Photos page.

• Club officers for the 2017 – 2018 season were announced as:
– President: Carson Plant
– Vice-Presidents: Tere Deslippe and Gavin Stuart
– Treasurer: Reagan Smolders
– Secretary: Barb Ferren
– Executive Assistants: Shannon L’Ecuyer, Mary Craig and Jim Pollock
– Competition Manager: Gavin Stuart
– Welcoming Manager: Dave Noordhoff
– Facebook Page Co-ordinator: Kathryn Parent
– Web Co-ordinator: Jim Pollock


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