April 25 2017

60 members and 1 guest attended our April 25th meeting.

• President Carson Plant presented a slideshow assembled by Chris Pidgeon that highlighted our recent trip to The Canadian Raptor Conservancy. Thanks Chris. Great job!

• Our guest speaker was OPP Forensic Officer, Mark Lancaster, who explained what his job entails and how he goes about accomplishing his duties. The techniques used for documenting a motor vehicle collision, how to light a night scene with flash using rear curtain synch and how infrared photos can reveal hidden evidence, were all subjects that were both informative and fascinating to our members. The Chatham Camera Club would like to thank Constable Lancaster for his thoroughly entertaining presentation and we look forward to having him back again.

• Competition photos from the Novice’s From Afar entries and the Intermediate, Advanced and Salon member’s Open submissions were reviewed with many high marks being attained. Keith Blackwell’s “Girl Behind A Prism” shot was the highlight of the event, gaining a score of 26.

• Several members brought in prints for display and although time did not permit any discussion, we enjoyed viewing them just the same.

• Our final meeting of the season will be held on May 9th when we will present our annual Photo Competitions Awards. We’d like to encourage everyone to attend as those who will receive a citation deserve your support.

No elections are needed this year as the executive have all agreed to remain for next season. However, The Club is in need of a Competition Assistant willing to take over from Gavin if he decides to step aside next year. We also need a Welcoming Manager and a back-up Web Co-ordinator. If you are interested in any of these positions, kindly let Carson know.


Enjoy photography and keep your expectations reasonable. Putting pressure on yourself to create world-class photos can sometimes stifle your creative energy.


Advanced Shooting Modes:

What They Are and When to Use Them