April 11 2017

57 members attended our April 11th meeting.

• President Carson Plant opened the evening with this quote by Ansel Adams:
“There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.”

• Our guest speaker for the evening was the always informative and entertaining Anthony Chodas from Camera Canada who showed us the latest and greatest in photo gear, including compact cameras, all-in-one cameras, action cameras, mirrorless cameras, SLRs, lenses, drones and printers. The Chatham Camera Club wishes to thank Anthony for his time and effort, and we look forward to seeing him again in the near future. We’d also like to encourage anyone who is in the market for new photo equipment to visit Anthony at the Forest City Image Centre, 217 Dundas Street (at Clarence St.) London or Camera Canada, 301 Oxford Street West, London.

• Our featured presenter in What I Shoot was Margaret DeClerk, who showed us an excellent slideshow of some of her best work. Thanks Margaret. That was great!

• Carson Plant announced that our first Walk-About of the year will be held on Saturday, April 22nd when we will have the opportunity to visit McLeans Auto Wreckers, 12584 Fourth Line, Nassagaweya, Rockwood, ON. We will meet at the church at 7:30 A.M. and car pool to the location. You are free to go on your own, but Carson has a waiver that we must sign before entry. For a look at what photo-ops are available, have a look at this Flicker page.

• Our next meeting will be held on April 25th when our featured presenter will be OPP Forensic Officer Mark Lancaster.

– Chris Pidgeon will present a brief slideshow highlighting our recent trip to The Canadian Raptor Conservancy

– Competition photos from the Novice’s From Afar entries and the Intermediate, Advanced and Salon member’s Open submissions will be reviewed.

– Don’t forget to bring in one of your favourite prints for display and discussion. We’d all love to see what you’ve been shooting!


Be cautious of “available light” photography. When using that method, the light controls you instead of you controlling the light.


How to Avoid Blurry Photos by
Choosing the Right Autofocus Mode

March 28 2017

57 members and 3 guests attended our our March 28th meeting.

• Carson Plant opened the evening with this quote:
“You can’t depend on your judgment when your imagination is out of focus.”

• In Mike Blazek’s absence, Carson Plant presented:
How To Prepare An Image For Printing.
For a review, check out this YouTube video.

• Butch Dompierre was our featured photographer in What I Shoot where he showed us his excellent collection of nature, scenic, travel and wildlife photos. Great show Butch! Thanks for sharing.

• Scores from our latest Photo Competition were announced, with Bill Henry (24 pts), Jeff McDonald (23 pts) and Ric Aarssen (22 pts) obtaining the top marks in the Novice division’s entries for Eyes and Jim Pollock (two scores of 24 pts), Linda Pepper (two scores of 23 pts), Larry Kearns (23 pts and 22 pts) and David Barr (23 pts) getting the most points in the Intermediate, Advanced and Salon members’ pictures for From Afar. You can see some of the top scoring shots on our Club Photos page.

• Our next meeting will be held on April 11th when our featured presenter will be the always entertaining Anthony Chodas from Camera Canada who will show us the latest and greatest in photography equipment.
Also on tap for that evening will be What I Shoot by Margaret DeClerk.


Create images that make you happy, not judges.
Perhaps Theodore Roosevelt said it best:
“Comparison is the thief of joy.”


What do all of those dials and buttons on your camera do?
To find out, read this article on Camera Modes Explained

March 14 2017



Cold temperatures and blowing snow kept the attendance at our March 14th meeting to 34 members.

• Carson Plant opened the gathering by reminding us of an Ansel Adams quote:
“There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.”

• Chad Barry introduced our special guest for the evening, pro photographer
Wesley Liikane (Cowboy with a camera) who shared his excellent series of night photographs, landscapes and wildlife from locations across North American and Iceland. We want to thank Mr. Liikane for his excellent show. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening and we hope to see you again!

• Carson Plant informed the membership of a field trip he is planning to the Canadian Raptor Conservancy scheduled for Saturday, March 25th. (NOTE – the trip is now full)

• Our next meeting will be held on March 28th when
– Mike Blazek will show us: How To Prepare An Image For Printing
– Butch Dompierre will present What I Shoot
– We will review the scores from our latest Photo Competition where the Novice group entered Eyes and the Intermediate, Advanced and Salon members submitted photos shot From Afar.


If you don’t think photos are important, just wait until they are all you have left.


You will vastly improve your photographic skills when you learn
How To Use Exposure Compensation



February 28 2017

Our February 28th meeting brought out 47 members and 1 guest.

• Dave Noordhoff showed us How To Safely Clean Your Camera’s Sensor.
Dave’s presentation stressed that we should not be overly concerned about cleaning our camera’s sensor unless visible dust is showing up on our pictures. If you feel your sensor needs cleaning and you’re not comfortable with doing it yourself, you can always send it to the manufacturer for professional service. The best way to avoid excess sensor dust is to only change lenses indoors, preferably in a room without carpeting. If you want to do the job yourself, some of the tools that Dave recommends are the Rocket Blower, an Arctic Butterfly or a Eyelead Sensor Gel Stick. If you missed the meeting, you can read a copy of Dave’s Notes

For a brief review on how to safely clean your camera’s sensor, check out this 5 minute YouTube video.

• Dave Stewart was our featured presenter in What I Shoot, where he displayed some of his excellent images. Nice job Dave! We enjoyed your show and the music that went with it.

• The results of our most recent photo competition were revealed with Jana Smith (23 and 22 pts), Wendy McDonald (23 and 22 pts), Jeff McDonald (23 and 21 pts) and Mary Craig (21 and 20 pts) leading the way in the Novice group’s Trees category, while David Barr (24 pts), Linda Pepper (23 pts) and Jim Pollock (23 and 23 pts), scored high marks among the Intermediate, Advanced and Salon members. You can see some of the evening’s top scoring shots on our Club Photos page.

• Mike Blazek and Dave Noordhoff discussed some of the prints that were on display with several favorable comments being made. Our next Print Display will be held at our meeting on March 28th and we encourage everyone to participate. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours :>)

• Our next meeting will be held on March 14th when our guest speaker will be Wesley Liikane, (Cowboy with a camera), who will offer his tutorials on night photography, landscapes and wildlife. This is one you won’t want to miss.


The word “image” comes from the word “imagination.”
It doesn’t come from “lens sharpness” or “noise levels.”


11 Stages That Every Photographer Goes Through

February 14 2017

Our February 14th meeting brought out 54 members and 2 guests.

• President Carson Plant opened the evening with this thought:
“I read the other day that the quickest way to make money at photography is to sell your camera.”

• Our featured speaker for the evening was long-time Club member Nelson Harrison who presented an extremely comprehensive tutorial on Backing Up Our Images, which detailed some of the threats to our digital images and how to mitigate them. We want to thank Nelson for his time and efforts, and especially for making the ten page hand-out that accompanied his seminar.

• Next up were Jim Pollock and Keith Blackwell who discussed different ways to fire an off-camera flash. The methods included flash triggers like Pocket Wizard and Cactus, wireless flashes by Canon, Yongnuo and Godox, as well as those Canon and Nikon cameras that support optical flash firing.

For a quick review of the optical flash method, check out this step-by-step instruction page on How to Trigger an Off-Camera Flash with the Pop-up Flash

• Carson Plant finished up the meeting by talking about the different lenses he uses to capture his images. He showed us examples of photos and discussed the focal length range of each lens used. Thanks Carson. It’s always interesting to learn some of your methods.

• Our next meeting will be held on February 28th when:
– Dave Noordhoff will explain How To Safely Clean Your Camera’s Sensor
– Dave Stewart will be featured in What I Shoot
– The results of our most recent Photo Competitions will be announced
– Members will have the opportunity to display some of their favourite prints


Once you have mastered the techniques, flash becomes the most amazing, controllable light: an unlocking of creativity in all photographic situations.


Three Rules For Lighting In Photography